Invest your Time and Efforts on running your Business and leave the Accounting on us!


Fully customised onsite or remote services, weekly, monthly or annually. From selecting a software package to training you how to use it.


We help you to navigate the intricacies of tax laws and regulations for you ensuring you are compliant and legally reduce your taxes.   

 Business Reporting

Helping you with Reporting and Analysis to help you plan, strategise and grow your business with out of the box advice enabling you to make the right decision.

At AMJS & Associates, we empower you to implement affordable, time efficient and effective accounting solutions that provide the tools to allow you to focus on operating your business, yet having the ability to make real-time financial decisions.

We can teach you how to run the numbers, so the numbers don’t run you.


We are available anytime with  any queries you may have regarding your taxation and/or accounting.